Coloco offers a wide variety of telecom colocation and service solutions including:

For ISP's
You can host your VoIP gateway, or you can put your modems here. A range of VoIP services is available in a variety of configurations. Your gateway can be colocated here and we can supply your PSTN connection via cross connect to any telephone provider or you can use an internet connection for your gateway services.

For Other Businesses
By using your own colocated VoIP gateway, voicemail system, fax broadcaster, or company dial-up modems at Coloco, you can the have the pricing and variety of service that are only available in the central office of a telephone company.

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How We Do It

Case Studies

In a small island nation a telecommunications public/private entity, wanted to support three call centers in the country with U.S.-native 800 number service. By using a combination of voice over IP (VOIP) and SS7 switching along with colocated hardware, the entity is able to increase its telephone sessions at a cost and bandwidth savings. Read more...